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The Quest | Safety Guidance.

We kindly remind all participants that they are responsible for their own safety throughout the event. The Loch Ness Centre and Loch Ness Exploration team cannot assume liability for personal safety matters. Your wellbeing is paramount, so please exercise caution and follow guidelines for a secure and enjoyable experience.

*  Plan your journey ahead of the event.

*  Keep a close eye on the upcoming weather.

*  Wear appropriate clothing relevant to weather.

*  The Highland terrain can be challenging to walk through – we recommend hiking boots.

*  The roads around Loch Ness can be busy with fast flowing traffic. Please be vigilant and keep yourself alert and safe at all times. Remember to look both ways if crossing the road and wear

*  Hi-Vis Vest if possible.

*  Please use the laybys to park your vehicle or designated parking spaces – do NOT park in passing areas on single or double track roads.

*  If you are watching from the shoreline be mindful of the terrain – even on sunny days the rocks can be slippery.

*  We do NOT recommend swimming in Loch Ness as it’s extremely dangerous, dark and very deep.

*  We need to remain respectful at all times – treat others how you want to be treated.

*  If you are using a drone you must be registered if your drone is over 250kg. Please stick to rules and regulations.

*  If you are bringing food then please take all trash with you and make sure it goes in the bin – everyone is responsible for keeping the loch and the Scottish Highlands clean.

*  It’s important to have fun but everyone’s safety must come first, so please ensure you look out for yourselves and one another.

Safety Advice from Loch Ness Lifeboat Station

Should you find yourself in the water unexpectedly, you should fight the urge to swim and lie on your back, spread your arms and legs, and float until the cold water shock has passed. Float To Live – What To Do In An Emergency – RNLI By this stage you will have become acclimatised to the water temperature, and find it much easier to swim to shore or summon assistance.

Should you see anyone in difficulty in the water, please dial 999, and ask for the Coastguard. Do not be tempted to put yourself in danger by entering the water to assist. In these situations the rescuer often becomes the casualty. If they cannot swim, you can assist by throwing a lifering, or some form of floatation device to help them remain afloat until assistance arrives.

Download the Volunteer Pack: Loch Ness Quest Weekend – Volunteers pack

Volunteer Safety Confirmation

On behalf of the Loch Ness Exploration and the headline sponsor The Loch Ness Centre, thank you for generously volunteering your time and energy to be a part of The Quest Weekend on the 26th and 27th of August.