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Questers arriving at The Loch Ness Centre for The Quest Weekend

Here’s what happened at The Quest Weekend 2024

2nd Jun 2024

The Quest Weekend 2024 finishes with new findings and an exciting announcement

Thank you so much for joining us for a second year at The Quest Weekend 2024. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the very first surface watch of Loch Ness led by Edward Mountain and a group of volunteers named ‘The Watchers of the Monster’. So, for those of you who took part, consider yourselves a part of history!

The events of The Quest Weekend 2024

Like last year, Alan McKenna from Loch Ness Exploration helped to coordinate a huge volunteer effort. This year’s celebrations kickstarted with a Pre-Quest Gathering at The Loch Ness Inn on 31st May, where monster hunters came together to discuss their observation strategies for the following day.

Then, on Saturday 1st June, dozens of volunteers took up positions around the banks of the loch. Alan carefully chose 14 observation points which participants were dispersed between; and with the help of VisitInverness, virtual watchers were also able to join in by using livestreaming webcams.

Volunteers consisted of visitors from within the UK as well as much further afield! Ashley Range, who travelled all the way from Washington State to take part in The Quest, said:

“I’ve been obsessed with Scotland and Nessie my whole life, and to be here is just a dream. To be on an actual expedition and out on Deepscan exploring Loch Ness is a dream come true. I definitely believe in Nessie, although a lot of the evidence can be explained there is a lot out there that is unexplainable. It’s been an incredible trip!”

Skipper Ali with a Questers after their Deepscan trip
Using the Hydrophone onboard Deepscan during The Quest

What did we find at this year’s Surface Watch?

The most exciting find of this weekend, once again, came from utilising a 60ft hydrophone on the research vessel Deepscan. Alan McKenna captured a unique noise – which is in the process of being analysed – sounding like a rhythmic pulsing that lasted about 10 seconds.

Alan will now isolate the noise. The idea is to identify the source of the fascinating sound that he has never been heard in the loch before.

Visitors were able to watch the hydrophone in action on two Hydrophone Discovery Cruises. These were joined by Loch Ness Exploration, and we’re excited to run these again at next year’s The Quest Weekend!

Questers enjoying the weather onboard Deepscan

A sighting is reported at 16:41 on Saturday 1st June

41 minutes after the Surface Watch concluded, a sighting was reported by 11-year-old Evelyn Murphy from Leven. Evelyn was visiting Loch Ness with her family for her younger sister’s 8th birthday!

There’s an intriguing break in the water caused by an unidentified object or creature. The image is yet to be inspected by Loch Ness Exploration. If you have any thoughts of your own, or alternative evidence, please let us know by emailing

11-year-old Evelyn submitted a sighting at 16:41 on Saturday 1st June © The Loch Ness Centre

Live Debate: Experts & Witnesses

Speaking of sharing opinions, Saturday’s Surface Watch was rounded off with a live debate at the centre. Alan McKenna, author and Nessie expert, Roland Watson and eyewitness Richard White formed our panel.

We posted a blog about this recently, and are pleased to say the event went down a treat! Many of our Nessie Questers participating in the Surface Watch turned up. Re-joining us were Aga and Matty from Hull, whose sighting at last year’s Quest was widely reported on by local and national news. We were also delighted to re-welcome Michael Holian, who took up position to scan the loch at his same viewing spot as last year.

Group on the tour before the Live Debate at The Quest
Richard White, Alan Mckenna and Roland Watson at the Live Debate at The Loch Ness Centre

An exciting announcement...

Finally, we went live on Facebook this morning to make a special announcement. After chatting to The Loch Ness Centre Duty Manager, Jon, about the findings of this weekend, he revealed something exciting:

The Loch Ness Centre is involved in a TOP SECRET project in collaboration with a Scottish University. New technology is about to be used on Loch Ness for the very first time, and we can’t wait to share the findings as soon as the results are processed.


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Questers arriving at The Loch Ness Centre for The Quest Weekend

Here’s what happened at The Quest Weekend 2024

2nd Jun 2024
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