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At The Loch Ness Centre, we strive to provide a warm welcome and a safe, memorable experience for all of our guests. If you have any accessibility requirements or questions, please review the information below and do not hesitate to contact us at 01456 450573 or via

Some answers to frequently asked questions about accessibility at The Loch Ness Centre can be found here:

  • Guests in wheelchairs are able to access all areas of The Loch Ness Centre that are used for the Tour. Accessible toilets are available. Our Deepscan Cruises are not accessible to wheelchairs.
  • The majority of guests will stand throughout the tour. However, chairs are available for those guests who need them. Guests are advised to make the team aware at the start of the tour of any issues with standing.
  • Dogs are not permitted into The Loch Ness Centre, with the exception of assistance dogs. If you wish to visit with an assistance dog please arrange it with us in advance of your visit.
  • We offer a tour transcript to anyone who may require it. If you would like this, please let us know when you arrive.
  • Children under 5 are welcome free of charge at The Loch Ness Centre, however, at busy periods, buggies may not be permitted on the tour. Children under 1 can go on the Deepscan Cruises for free.