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Loch Ness - They created a monster screening at The Loch Ness Centre

Documentary Screening of “Loch Ness: They Created a Monster”

Friday 31st May - 6pm to 9pm

Come join us for a special evening with an out of hours tour of the centre followed by an exclusive documentary screening of ‘Loch Ness: They Created a Monster’ followed by a Q&A session with director John MacClaverty. 

Explore the darkly comedic tale of Nessie hunters from the 1970s and 1980s while enjoying a gin cocktail from our sponsor Great Glen Distillery.

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What to expect?

  • 45min immersive tour
  • Watch the full documentary in the centre where some of it was filmed.
  • Q&A with the director John MacClaverty
  • A Great Glen gin cocktail while delving into the mystery
  • Part of The Quest
  • £35 per person

The Tour

Join us on our search for answers before watching the documentary.

Our unique 1-hour immersive experience allows you to become part of the legend and unearth real stories about Loch Ness along the way. Take a walk through 500 million years of history to explore the myths of the loch, delve deep below the surface of its waters to uncover hidden secrets, discover real objects and artefacts throughout the immersive journey and look into scientific research inspired by sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.

Two similing women given there thoughts on what is in the Loch at Loch Ness, in the Debate Room at the Loch Ness Centre
Three adults enjoy the immersive underwater projections at The Loch Ness Centre

The Documentary

The darkly comic story of the Nessie hunters who camped out on the shores of Loch Ness throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Featuring an international cast of dedicated scientists and extraordinary eccentrics who chased, but never found, the dinosaur-like creature who may live in the depths of the loch. The film shows how the absence of concrete evidence and the allure of fame gradually tainted the once-serene Loch with frustration, egos, and broken dreams.

Q&A with the director John MacClaverty

This is your golden opportunity to engage in a conversation with the esteemed director John MacClaverty regarding the inception of the film, delving into his beliefs on the monster, and gaining insight into his forthcoming endeavours.

Director of Loch Ness they created a monster