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Alan Mckenna from Loch Ness Exploration outside The Loch Ness Centre

Meet the Expert

Saturday 7th December, Saturday 8th February - 11am - 1pm

Join expert Alan McKenna as he guides you through expeditions of the Loch, offering you the chance to delve into the unknown and forge connections. 

This is your opportunity to learn more about his research and views first-hand, immersing yourself in the mysteries of the legendary waters.

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What to expect?

  • Meet enthusiast Alan Mckenna
  • 45-minute immersive tour of The Loch Ness Centre
  • 20-minute conversation with an Alan Mckenna
  • Learn about his research & find out about his upcoming projects to uncover the secrets of the loch
  • £25 per person

The Tour

Join us on our search for answers before meeting Loch Ness expert Alan Mckenna.

Our unique 1-hour immersive experience allows you to become part of the legend and unearth real stories about Loch Ness along the way. Take a walk through 500 million years of history to explore the myths of the loch, delve deep below the surface of its waters to uncover hidden secrets, discover real objects and artefacts throughout the immersive journey and look into scientific research inspired by sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.

Adrian Shine explains the research behind the search Nessie
Looking into the well to discover the Myths and Legends of the loch and monster.

Meet Alan Mckenna from Loch Ness Exploration

Alan McKenna will lead you through his captivating expeditions of the legendary Loch, unravel the mysteries concealed beneath the surface and offer you a rare first-hand opportunity to delve into the unknown depths of this iconic story.

You’ll have the chance to forge profound connections with both the Loch itself and the fascinating secrets it holds. His expertise and passion for exploration will illuminate the path as he tells you stories that have captivated the imagination of adventurers for generations.

He’ll share first-hand accounts of his research, providing invaluable insights into the history, folklore, and scientific discoveries surrounding the Loch. From ancient legends to modern-day investigations, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and wonders that define this renowned loch.

Prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey of discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned Nessie Hunter or an intrigued novice, joining Alan McKenna will leave you spellbound by the enduring mysteries of the Loch.

Alan Mckenna from Loch Ness Exploration outside The Loch Ness Centre
Alan Mckenna with nessie hunters Steve and Roland at The Loch Ness Centre