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Urquhart Castle

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25th May 2023

The Quest is a collaborative effort that brings together people and organisations from different backgrounds, all united in their desire to uncover the truth about Nessie. As part of this initiative, we are investing in support for Loch Ness Exploration teams and providing a hub for research and exploration for the new generations of Nessie Hunters. We believe that with persistence and determination, we will one day solve the mystery of Loch Ness and its Monster.

Your ticket not only includes a 1-hour unmissable experience, but an optional membership to The Quest.

The membership includes a minimum of one e-newsletter per quarter featuring the latest sightings, news and findings from Nessie Hunters, VIP invitation to our events and news about The Loch Ness Centre.

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Nessie hunters looking for the monster during The Quest

NASA v Nessie: We’re calling on the pioneers of exploration in new search for Nessie

11th Apr 2024
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Scanning Loch Ness for Nessie onboard Deepscan

Recent Sightings Stir Excitement

18th Mar 2024
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Lady on Deepscan taking pictures for the Wildlife Watch

Huge Wildlife Watch of Loch Ness to take place to document its animals and plants

12th Mar 2024
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