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Lady on Deepscan taking pictures for the Wildlife Watch

Huge Wildlife Watch of Loch Ness to take place to document its animals and plants

12th Mar 2024

We’re calling out for eager explorers to join our 8-month search.

This Spring, we’re embarking on exhilarating journey as they delve into the mysteries in and around the famous loch. From March 29th to November 3rd, we’ll be conducting research to map and photograph the vibrant wildlife thriving around the Scottish waters.

We’re asking both locals and visitors to join the search in attempt to uncover the secrets of Loch Ness and document the magnificent deer, graceful salmon, enigmatic eels, or perhaps even the legendary monster.

Take part!

Ducks at Dochfour by Reece Paton
Red Kite over The Loch Ness Centre

With the new season on the horizon, we’re gearing up to welcome a flurry of new visitors eager to learn more about the iconic loch and its history. Spring is synonymous with new life and budding nature, the perfect time to launch our Wildlife Watch and encourage people, from near and far, to look out for the beauty and abundance of wildlife in and around the Loch.

The Scottish Highlands is home to a variety of amazing wildlife and eager eyes may witness playful otters, majestic buzzards and kites, whimsical red squirrels, and the awe-inspiring flights of eagles and ospreys. Participants are being asked to report on what they see and when, alongside further details such as the weather conditions and the loch’s surface water condition, with all findings being logged for the final report in November. Where possible watchers are being asked to take a photo of any findings.

The warmer weather also facilitates the return of the Deepscan Cruises, giving visitors the opportunity to climb onboard with Captain Alistair Matheson, to search the water right from the source. This one-of-a-kind, intimate experience takes guests on a journey across the incredible body of water, to witness the breath-taking beauty of Urquhart Castle and search the depths of the loch using world-class sonar equipment on board.

Deepscan on Loch Ness
Waves rolling across Loch Ness

Anyone can join the adventure and be part of the Wildlife Watch, whether that’s from onboard the Deepscan or watching from the loch shores. To take part, wildlife watchers can fill in the form and attach your image or video here.

Take part!

Wildlife photography by Reece Paton and Kenny Fraser


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