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Nessie sighting at Loch Ness

Unveiling Nessie: A Mysterious Sighting and Fin

20th Dec 2023

Our inbox at has been buzzing with sightings and tales from our devoted community. We have picked a couple of our favourites that unravel the latest mysteries, from an extraordinary Nessie sighting from Sally and another from Brandon an 8 year old boy who visited the centre earlier this month. 

Happy reading fellow enthusiasts!

Sally's October Surprise: A Fin-tastic Sighting!

Our journey into the mysterious continues with a recent sighting by Sally on the shores of Loch Ness. Travelling on the B852 from Foyers to Inverness, Sally and her wife, regular Scotland enthusiasts, had a coffee break that turned into a memorable encounter.

“Come on Nessy, show yourself!” Sally exclaimed, capturing the moment with her phone. A large fin surfaced, rigid and grey like a shark, intriguingly different from the expected Plesiosaur. What do you think?



Interactive Challenge: What's Your Take?

Last month, opinions flowed about a mysterious picture from Timothy Tomlinson, with the majority suggesting it was a boat.

Visit Inverness Loch Ness Webcam image of Nessie

Now, we present a new enigma. What do you think this is?

Bronson's sighting of Nessie that he took in December.

This image was taken by Bronson an 8 year old boy when is was visiting the centre earlier this month with his Aunt Lisa.

Cast your vote today

What do you think Bronson has captured?

As we navigate through the depths of Loch Ness, each sighting and mystery add layers to the legend of Nessie. Join us on a tour and hear more about the most famous sightings of the legendary monster. 


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